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Located in Massapequa on Sunrise Highway in the Promenade shopping center!Β 


IT’S FINALLY OPEN!!!!!! Fully equipped with a coke freestyle. 🍴 😍 (Taken with Instagram at Moes Southwest Grill)


It was triceratops droppings. Come on Newsday get your shit straight! πŸ’© (Taken with instagram)

Anonymous asked: how about some kings park stuff?

submit and you shall receive


we live on an island.

blows my mind.

shit long islanders say

He reviews pizza in the NYC area and on LI.


A winter sunrise on Peconic Bay

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This guy works at Stage Door in East Farmingdale and he is for hire to sing like the boss man he is.


Forge River. Mastic, Long Island. 2009

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