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Suffolk County Community College-Ammerman Campus- Islip Bldg.- Shea Theatre- Theatre 119 

I can recall the countless times I’ve gone up and down this stairs. Stairs that brought me to where I am today in my life. Stairs of hope, struggle, pain, bountiful laughter, friendships, heartaches, and love. Whenever I stand at the end of the sidewalk and look at this place, I feel love. Love from the people who gave me the tools and experiences to continue my path in theatre and as a human being. I learned so much here, and not just how to do warm-ups or memorize a monologue. It’s so much more to that to me. Some people can’t stand coming back…too many memories. I feel nostalgic and a certain peaceful joy, even as times and faces are changing. You can’t forget your past because it helps to sort out a great future, I think.

Thanks SCCC. I know I’ll always be welcomed here.

Long Island,

I love you.

FUN FACT: One of these guys is my cousin aka why I love them so much (besides the fact they are actually superior). But I’m not tellin whoooo

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serial killer…wut?

So they found four bodies off Ocean Pkwy and there is another woman missing so it’s looking like there is a serial killer on the loose. I think they’re ladies so uhh, a ton of my follower are girls so please be careful. PLEASE!! SOrry this is depressing and scary but thought you should know.

Mas informacion aqui vvvvvvvvv

Famous Long Islanders: Bob Costas

This man IS the Olympics.

And he is from Commack.

Famous Long Islanders: Steve Buscemi

Valley Stream


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

If you have not seen this, my God, please do. One of my favorite movies. Set on LI (Montauk and Rockville Centre). And I have a girl crush on Kate Winslet…but who doesn’t?

Meet me in Montauk <3

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